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Yanzi: my past life has been in Dali.


I think my past life has been in Dali. I came to Dali for the first time several years ago when I went to Lijiang on business. There was no expressway then. I loved the trees, they’re called Anshui, they’re famous in Taiwan. A lot of them are gone now, but they’re still on the mountains. In the autumn they change to a beautiful red colour. I didn’t have the same feeling for Lijiang as I do for Dali.

Bamboo tattoo: Thanakorn "Korn" Chokprasit


Some people were scared of bamboo tattoo. They thought it meant using the bamboo as a needle, but it just means holding the needle with a bamboo stick. This year is my fourth year here in Pai.

The spirit stays: Anek "Bio" Charoensri


People come for differing reasons, but the spirit stays, it's stronger than them

I hope I'll stay here forever: Nanthapon "Toto" Duangkhae


I loved Pai because it's quiet, friendly. It's different from Bangkok, it's opposite: good fresh air, you're close to nature.

I'm here for the soul problems: Kathy Abbott

I was one of the first Aboriginal Health Workers to graduate. I started when I was 18 years old. I started up the healing centre while I was at the council. It's called Akeyullere Apmera, the People's Healing Place.

Ian Purcell: The Godfather

Ian Purcell

The Uranian Society was always meant to be more than a social club, we meant it to be a cultural club which gay guys came to once a month. I was a founding member in 1989. Adelaide and South Australia then was politically and socially the most conservative of all the states.

Erik Chmielewski: the write career


I trained as a lawyer, and now I'm a copywriter. Writing had always been at the back of my mind, but I never thought it was something that could earn me money. There’s plenty of decent work out there.

Peter Bond: Deaf and Gay

Peter Bond

I born in Melbourne, 1968. Grew in hearing family. I deaf and Cerebral Palsy. When I be gay, about 16 year old. I was think only person in Deaf family, but not true, there other Deaf and Gay in Community.

James Hamilton: space and time

James: "I'm looking for a new home. I know exactly what the place I'm looking for looks like: it's got trees, forest, daunting mountains, light, air, water in abundance, wilderness. It's also a community of gay men with access to a totally rocking first world city of at least 3 million people."

It will be stopped, even if it takes grandmas tied to trees: Sarah Truscott

Sarah Truscott

I was born into bogan roots in Bathurst, Sydney, a little revhead who wanted to drive in the Bathurst 1000 – and now I’m in Launceston, Tasmania, in love with the natural environment, the forests and mountains.

Dayna Trevaskis: It’s more about people than about building

Dayna Trevaskis

I’m from Geeveston, in southern Tasmania, from a family of three people now – we were four, but my mum died. Now it’s just my dad, my brother Timmy, and me.