A little epilogue...


Victoria Range, New ZealandIt's great to be back in New Zealand. Something was different in the air coming out of the plane in Dunedin after crossing the Tasman and I let out a great good sigh.


People ask me what the bike trip was 'like' and in a sentence it was like a great big long meditation. So much happened and so much was seen and so many kilometres covered that now I take ridiculous pleasure in staying in one place for even a couple of weeks. It's also really nice to know what I want to do after the trip - I enjoyed chasing the stories and presenting them so much I want to chase a job doing just that.


I spent a week in Dunedin catching up with friends from my film course and am now tucked away in a lesser known corner of New Zealand called Golden Bay, where I'm wwoofing on a farm for a while before heading to Wellington to wriggle my way into its film, media and/or journalism world.


Of course, The Book of the trip is on the way. Wish me luck! Thanks to everyone who supported my project; part of the pleasure was to see how inspired others got from the stories I collected and the weird, quirky (and sometimes crummy) things that happened.


The stories from the trip are my favourite part. You can look through them by clicking here. There are four more coming, which I need to write up.






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