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Who's Nick?

A brief blurb about the person behind the StoryTransect expedition.

Me I'm a New Zealander born of Dutch and British parents, and am based in Tasmania, Australia. I juggle my passports as it suits, though if pushed, I'm a New Zealander. Understandably, my accent is a complete hotch potch, so don't bother asking me to say fush and chups when I say I'm a Kiwi. The way to my heart is a twinkle in the eye, a good laugh and a down to earth, practical personality. In fact, I look at people's eyes most of all.

Mount Hayes, Tasmania, by Peter DombrovskisI've got a thing for:

Making things with my hands - from boats to cakes; outdoors activities - especially bushwalking; learning things, generosity, laughter, cycling, sailing, sea kayaking, mountains, the sea, boats, working/travelling in unusual places, languages, social justice, chocolate and sweet things generally, coffees in snug cafés, designing things, particularly typography. There might be a few more, but I'm interested in lots of things and it's a bit hard to remember. I especially love going out with friends and doing things together or just sitting around chatting. My definite favourite activity out of everything would have to be going on an expedition adventure with friends, bushwalking somewhere rugged and amazing, of which there are plenty in Tasmania and New Zealand. If you want to see the amazing wilderness of Tasmania, see Peter Dombrovskis (now deceased) and Rob Blakers, two of the best Tasmanian wilderness photographers.

Ida.jpgI can't stand:

Injustice, people doing crap things, arrogance, consumerism, power games, doing things for which there is just no point, rules for the sake of rules, people who can't see The Big Picture, people who take themselves too seriously, fundamentalists, condescension, and negativity (which is why it's taken me 10 minutes to write this bit). I also happen to be gay, which surprises some people. That's fine, I like to push people's boundaries. What I don't like is people who cling to their bigotry.

Languages I speak:Ah...the life of a guide :-)

Well, English is the mother tongue; I love learning languages but haven't had the pleasure of becoming fluent in any others. I do (or at some stage could, they may be a bit rusty now) speak conversational Dutch, Italian and Nepali. I'm a beginner Auslan signer too. I'm currently learning Russian.

What I do:

If you were to sum me up, I'd be a creative adventurer, focused on meeting fascinating people in remote mountainous areas, using writing and photography to show others what I've experienced.

I aim to... a first yacht buyer, rather than a first home buyer. To enjoy whatever work I'm doing. To travel and meet lots of interesting people. To make a smidgen of a difference if I can. To be as good as possible at what I'm doing. And to have a jolly good time while I'm at it.


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...having found a camp site on the rock near a patch of snow where we could get water, we dumped the loads and returned to camp by way of the rocks and the river. The brown basalt rock lay in smooth ice-worn terraces which afforded a delightful promenade. The rocks dropped sheer to the dammed-up lake two or three hundred feet below and some smooth, round boulders lay scattered conveniently to hand. They were not too large and there lay the water below, so we fell to work rolling them over the edge. The splash they raised was most satisfactory. The rolling of boulders down steep places is a time-honoured practice, though originally it was done more for business reasons than for aesthetic pleasure, when the hardy mountaineers above wished to discourage their enemies below. Nowadays, the mountains being so crowded, it has to be done discreetly.

H W Tilman


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