Peter Bond: Deaf and Gay

Peter Bond


Peter speaks signed Auslan and written English. This is a transcript of our conversation in sign language and writing.

I born in Melbourne, 1968. Grew in hearing family. I deaf and Cerebral Palsy. I am deaf from rubella from my Mum: in the 1960s the Deaf community grew very fast from rubella.

My Dad from England, my Mum born in Australia. I have a brother. He is older, have family, 3 children. He works. I live next his place in same block.

I been study many different course. My first school was Deaf. Plus 3 year do hearing school where have deaf unit. Then do Welfare course at West TAFE, more at RMIT TAFE. Now I doing BA in Social Science at RMIT Uni.

My first idea at work for Deaf. I always want work with Deaf people and support as Deaf people need see the person who Deaf to talk and know what they want.

I want to finish RMIT then I can get a good job in Deaf Community.

When I be gay, about 16 year old. I was think only person in Deaf family, but not true, there other Deaf and Gay in Community.

I was a bit worry if any one [knew] I am being gay. I was about 24 or 25 year very hard and Depressed when [I decided] I must open to other family and friends.

[They] Very accept who I am. One thing - my Mum knew, always ask me if I have girlfriend.

After 25 years [since coming out] I have learn lot of Gay Community: Bar, Gay Bath, Gay Cafe, Gay bookshop. Plus in Deaf and Gay group.

Boyfriend? Some short time, now I am free!


Peter Bond

I spoke to Peter on the 30th of June, 2007.


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