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Get involved!


The more people involved, the better. Here's a few ways you can get involved.

Caught drinking at the Aileron Roadhouse, Central AustraliaPass on a contact

Possibly the best way to help out would be to pass on the contact details of someone who may be interested in telling their story, or simply would be keen to assist - be it a bed for a night, an introduction or a friendly face. Use the form below to get in touch.

Tell your friends

Spread the word...the object of the expedition is to give voice to local people's stories, in the hope that people in the Western world will gain an insight into ordinary lives in countries they may never have heard of. I'd like these people's stories to reach as far as possible.

Subscribe to updates

I don't use the email addresses for anything other than keeping you up to date. You can use the 'Subscribe" box to the left to receive email updates, or you can go to the RSS feed page and subscribe for your feed software. It's nice to know people are interested.

Sponsor a story

As I've pointed out earlier, this expedition is self-funded from a season of working very hard as a bushwalking guide. If you'd like to sponsor the next story, I would be immensely grateful. My daily budget for the journey is less than what many people would spend on coffee and cake in a day. I will happily acknowledge your contribution if you wish. For more information, head to the Story Sponsors page.

Join the journey

If you happen to be travelling in the same area as me, and would like to meet up, drop me a line. You'll need to be self-sufficient, and able to teach me how to play cards. Friendly faces are always welcome.

Send a message

It'd be great to hear from people interested in the expedition, with something to say about it, or even just to drop a line. Send an email to nick (at) - Cheers!


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