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I've found some fantastic sites out there as I've researched for the expedition. It's always comforting to know others are as nuts as yourself.

Tim Cope - long-distance adventurer who rode from Moscow to Beijing by recumbent bike, at 20 years of age with Chris Hatherly. Now travelling from Mongolia to Hungary, in the steps of Ghengis Khan, by horseback. Wrote 'Off the Rails' with Chris.

Edward Genochio Well, you've got to give it to the Brit. He cycled from London, or was it Devon? Somewhere in that island anyway, to Shanghai, then decided he'd go all the way back again, despite having his bike stolen by a Mongolian horseman. I'm eternally indebted to him for not only showing the world how to grow a beard (it doesn't seem to slow him down) but also for a blow-by-blow account of How To Cross The Tibetan Plateau When It's Rather Cold. (In his old blog, if you're looking for it).

The Yak, and The Yak Man - Absolutely inspirational. One Swiss (sorry! got it wrong before!) man, called Claude, and a trip around the world on a smile. BEAUTIFUL site, though it's in French! Have a look at the photos, they're incredible.

Anthony Mann: Oz By Bike - With 7 extreme goals and 30,000km of meanderings around Australia, Ant has just about finished his journey, complete with a team of hardy garden gnomes. In true Tasmanian style, Ant is the brother of my sister's flatemate. He's one of those really nice guys loved by everyone. His site has a regularly updated diary. When I last read it, he'd just finished crossing the Great Victoria Desert, his second desert, from Kalgoorlie to Alice Springs.

Mr Pumpy & Felix Hude - they've collaborated to make a hilarious guide to cycling in South East Asia.

Paul van Roekel and Anja de Graaf - they've penned the absolutely fabulous 'Cycling around the world' website (just in case I decide to carry on, don't tell Mum)

Tim Mulliner - Ah, at last a Kiwi's story (we're a bit of a different species sometimes): cycling from London to NZ. Wrote 'Long Ride for a Pie'. (23.11.07 Site now working, I found a new link. Cheers.)

Mark & Juliette McLean - English couple, who had potato meals every third day to help save for their epic trip from England to Australia. The site includes possibly the most detailed, kilometre-by-kilometre guide to cycling the route I've seen.

Isa & Terry: A couple with several long-distance bike trips to their name, including England to Australia.

Toby Wilsdon: Cycled from the UK to Singapore, supporting Amnesty International.

Bicycles Network Australia - Top Australian Cycling Portal Bicycles Network Australia keep a pretty snazzy and up to date site with a good directory of bike related sites.

And I've just discovered, I've been gazumped! With almost exactly the same idea as me, but way back in 2003 (and with a lot more funding!) is the '6 Billion Others' project, by that wonderful French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand of 'The Earth from Above' fame. Golly.


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