Cycling in the time of Cholera


Luang Prabang

When you're lying in bed for the 7th day in a row, it really isn't a good time to cycle. But with the knowledge that every day means more snow in China, I really wanted to keep going....but with all the symptoms of cholera (though that's a dodgy ex-medical student self diagnosis) I wasn't going anywhere at all.

So Luang Prabang for me consists of one cell-like cheapie guesthouse room, the guesthouse bathroom (pink tiles), and the road to the post office. In fact Luang Prabang feels like a forgotten corner of Provence, with many buildings in a French colonial style, with hordes of camera-wielding tourists on the pavements. The lenses of the German tourists are the longest.

Yesterday I was desperate. I did all of three kilometres out of town before I was exhausted and turned back ... but it was a sniff of promise. A potholey asphalt road, chooks running about and small sleepy villages.

Today I woke up with a clear head and oomph back - but ENORMOUSLY hungry. I'm doing errands around town, and packing up to cycle north towards China - tomorrow. Yahoo!


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