On the road: Melbourne to Adelaide


Hello everyone...it's lunchtime in Mount Gambier, South Australia...and it's SUNNY. As I just found out, it's half an hour to lunch time, as I've entered another time zone. I'm cycling from Melbourne to Adelaide, another week to go and then there will be a great big update with the usual pictorial extravaganza. Today, I'm on a bit of a 90+km mission to a good looking campsite on the coast.

So far this week, I've: eaten 1kg of peanut butter, who knows how much oats, 2kg of pasta, 3 loaves of bread, passed 1000km on my odometer, crossed the border from Victoria to South Australia, and crossed 38 degrees of latitude, too. Busy, hey? I seem to spend just as much time eating as I do pedalling.

Have fun out there in the big wide world.


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