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I'm famous! Myself and Paris Hilton made it to page three of the local Mercury last Monday, the fourth of June.

The photo was taken right at the summit of Mount Wellington, the local, ah, mountain which Hobart is built beside and also the spot of my imminent departure. We shared the top with three intrepid toddlers who were busily discovering snow for the first time.

Just be wary: as nice as the reporter was, she has me with 'extensive sailing experience in Africa' ... hmmm, interesting. I MAY have done some quite cool sailing, but it definitely wasn't in Africa. I spent four months (working!) in a Botswanan hospital and can assure you there isn't much water to go sailing in.

And on today's logistics front, the spanky new solar panel has arrived, and the 2nd last of the daily delivery vans rolled up this morning with a last piece of gadgetry, the replacement minidisc player (and recorder). Unfortunately my front pannier rack isn't coming to the party just yet, and is stubbornly putting down roots in Heathrow Airport. I hope it will feel like coming over to this part of the world soon - I'll definitely be wanting it after Melbourne.

Click the image for a readable view, or have a look on the newspaper's website.


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