A snazzy map (or two)


I woke up this autumn morning to find not only an intrepid scorpion attempting to climb my curtains (he's one tenth of the way up, onya) but also an email from a friend with a fancy map he'd come across. I have quite the thing for maps, so it was the best of emails to get.

Weirdly enough, both this friend and the friend who asked me yesterday if I was scared are called Nick, like me, and are gay, like me. Whaddayaknow.

Anyway, this fancy map is kind of nice, as it doesn't distort the size of countries. Those living in the UK would be well to know that, unlike it appears in a Mercator projection, England is actually a tiddly island, just a teency bit bigger than Tasmania, or the same size as the South Island of New Zealand. Just with a whole lot more people, that's all. And the US? It's the same(ish) size as Australia. So there.

Which comes to another thing. The other day, feeling rather daunted by the prospect of cycling so far, I did a switcheroonie and turned my world map around. Weird but true: it looks much easier going top to bottom. So here's a Oz on Top map to show the route, for those of you who think it's Just Too Far.

Thanks Nick!

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