A bike fit for an expedition

Ooooo....it's lovely. I'll have to admit I stayed up late last night and went all the way...and ordered the most beautiful, lovely, built-like a brick s**thouse (as we might say in Australia) expedition bike. It's a Thorn Raven and will arrive in two boxes in a few weeks, once those Customs boys have stopped dribbling over it.

And then I'll be as happy as a pig in mud putting it all together and getting to know each other.


A large influence in buying this bike over others was not just that it's a steel frame and so well built, but because my friend Galen has one too. Now, when it comes to Galen, everything's bombproof and well made and usually accompanied by a plate a of scrumptious home-made biscuits, so I knew it would be a good bike even before I looked as his. He's been very helpful (to the extent of proffering bike advice at his wedding last weekend. There I was, all prepared for a fantastic shorts-and-T-shirt beach wedding, not only in my shorts and T shirt, but with pad in pocket ready for jotting down bike details. Spot the bike nut! There were a lot of people there with lots of good travelling trips, and I've got the memory of a sieve, that's my excuse anyway).


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